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Miele Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Totally Vacuums now carries the Miele RX1 Scout Robotic vacuum cleaner.

Why use the Miele robot vacuum cleaner?

The Miele robot vacuum cleaner has a Smart navigation system. With a better view you get better cleaning throughout your whole house. With the intelligent travel and reliable navigation system your rooms are thoroughly cleaned including the corners. The Miele Scout RX1 has 10 sensors and a ceiling camera to ensure reliable navigation and to  avoid both collisions and falls. The advanced corner clean is improved with extra long side brushes and a special mode for corners and edges.


The Miele Scout RX1 is 3-times more thorough by tackling dirt in three ways:

 How does this happen? There are two rotating extra long brushes on the side that pull the dirt from the edges and corners under the vacuum. The larger pieces are picked up by the bottom roller brush and the small dust is sucked up by the powerful DC motor.

For cleaner room air

The Miele Scout RXi has a two stage air clean system with filters for dirt and dust particles to assure there is less fine dust in the air after vacuuming. The vacuumed dust remains where it belongs in the vacuum cleaner.