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Miele vacuum cleaners

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Why buy a Miele vacuum cleaner:

Here are 8 reasons that make Miele vacuums so outstanding:

1) Sealed System Construction:

One of the things that makes the Miele exceptional for the allergy prone is this feature. Using electrostatically charged filter bags, a HEPA filter and motor milder, Miele canisters are able to trap more dust and dirt particles than any other vacuum on the market. The system is sealed not allowing even dirty air to escape.

2) Best HEPA Filtration Available:

Besides the layer of activated charcoal that absorbs odors, the HEPA filters used by Miele are able to trap incredibly small dust particles.

3) Light Weight & Compact:

The small size of Miele vacuum cleaners makes for easy storage. All of the Miele vacuums weight less than 14 pounds which is much lighter than other brands.

4) Very Maneuverable:

Miele canister vacuums swivel 360 degrees making them roll and move around easily on any type of floor.
5) 1200-watt, high-output Miele-made Vortex Motor SystemTM:
This is a powerful motor that comes standard in all models except the S251. With typical German engineering this motor has power and suction of larger vacuums all in a small unit.

6) Easy Bag Replacement:

The design of this bag is both efficient and convenient. Bags are very easy to remove and yet include sealing technology that eliminates any escape of dust or dirt particles.

7) Exceptionally Quiet:

The superior insulation of Miele vacuums reduces the sound considerably.The Miele canister vacuum is so quiet you can hear the phone ring while you are vacuuming. They are quieter than most other vacuum cleaners on the market.

8) Self winding cord:

A push pedal rewinds the cord simply and easily. Miele has done everything it can in its design to create exceptional usability and maneuverability.
Press Release No. 003/2010 Miele introduces the S2 Canister Vacuum Series Heavenly quiet, yet powerful new Miele vacuums debut… click to read more…
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