The SEBO Felix is designed for both carpets and hard floors.

The SEBO Felix vacuum cleaner has a style that offers all the flexibility of a canister vacuum in an upright configuration! It has a flexible neck that gives it amazing maneuverability, an ultra-modern filtration system, a detachable suction unit that allows you to use it as a  hand held vacuum, and an instant-use suction hose. The power head deep cleans carpets and its brush can be shut off to clean your delicate items.

Standard features of all SEBO vacuums

Designed and Manufactured in Germany Legendary quality, reliability and performance make SEBO vacuums the choice of cleaning professionals and the  meticulous household user.

With SEBO you save money in the long run -If properly maintained, SEBO vacuums save ordinary residential users hundreds of dollars by providing excellent performance for ten to fifteen years or more, and their deep-cleaning power-brush technology extends the life of carpets. The typical vacuum normally performs poorly, even when new, and usually do not last beyond two years. So six or seven “disposable vacuums” must be purchased during the average life expectancy of just one SEBO machine.

Five-year Warranty Coverage – All SEBO vacuums  include a five-year warranty on the motor and all non-wear parts and a five-year warranty on labor charges. There is also a 3 year extension available for a total of 8 years.

Effective Pet Hair Removal – All SEBO vacuums easily remove pet hair!

Remarkably Quiet Operation – With SEBO’s intelligent design and high-quality motors you have an amazingly quite vacuum cleaner.

Protective Rubber-coated Wheels – With SEBO’s wheels all floor surfaces are protected and you have great maneuverability.

Changing bags is clean and easy – SEBO bags takes just seconds to change and a cap keeps all the dust sealed inside.

SEBO Microfilters Ensure Continuously Strong Suction Performance – They are also long lasting, inexpensive and easy to change in seconds. Choose S-class or HEPA filters. . . either type of filtration is anexcellent choice!

Both S-class and HEPA Filters are Available – The S-class filters come standard on all SEBO vacuums. HEPA filters are an option available for most models. They both remove 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size and 100% of particles of one micron and above. For comparison, 100 microns is the diameter of a human hair.

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Many vacuum companies with high-filtration claims are actually
quoting specifications made by the manufacturer of the filter material,
as measured in the laboratory, not the filtration effectiveness of the
vacuum itself while operating. Whether or not dirty air can escape
through leaks in the body of the machine is not considered. The
filtration effectiveness of SEBO vacuums is tested while they operate.



Excellent for Users With Allergies or Asthma – The British Allergy Foundation recommends SEBO filters.




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IQAir HealthPro Plus Named Best Air Purifier by Top Consumer Site

The IQAir HealthPro® Plus air purifier has been named the Best Air
Purifier Overall by, adding to an already long list of
first-place awards for the world’s most advanced air purifier. based its award on the ability of the IQAir HealthPro
Plus to provide high-performance air filtration for large rooms, for its
superior odor and chemical removal and for effectively removing allergens.

The editors also rated the IQAir HealthPro Plus the
best choice because, unlike many air purifiers, it does not emit ozone and
is endorsed by medical groups.

“We take pride in being recognized again as the very best air purifier
available,” said Glory Dolphin, CEO of IQAir North America. “This award
continues to validate the simple idea that an air purifier should remove
even the smallest airborne particles while doing no harm – such as adding
ozone or ionization into the environment.”

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